Coronavirus, what is behind it?

What lies behind the virus that scares the whole world?
America, China, Italy, France, Germany, EU, Iran, Russia and Israel: what is the geopolitical plot of the actors involved in this performance?

(Translation by Jolanta Micinska – Hercog)
(Italian version at link)
(Polish version at link – translation by Magda Żymła)

There are many shadows behind what is happening.

There is a virus that begins in Wuhan, China and is spreading around the world.

They say it is genetically very similar to the Sars virus, avian influenza, but it is stronger and has some HIV characteristics; that it attacks the respiratory tract, survives in the air for 30 minutes, and on the surface for up to 9 days (German research).

Symptoms are similar to flu: fever, dry cough, sore throat and breathing difficulties similar to those that accompany us when tired, weak.

The incubation period is 2 weeks. You are asymptomatic during this period, but you can still get it.

We were told that the virus was born of bats and snakes, then mutated and became transmissible to humans. But then they tell us that the virus does not attack pets; how is this possible?

We were told that the virus is only a strong flu and that “only” older people or those who had previous ailments die because of it. But then we see that the Chinese doctor who discovered the crown virus died of infection, had no diseases before and was 34 years old; why is he the only young man who died of a coronavirus?

Oms says it will take about a year and a half to find a vaccine. But then we see that in the midst of a health crisis in Europe, when all countries impose bans and restrictions, closing transport and borders, America sends 30,000 soldiers to Europe, plus at least the same amount of military equipment (even though Trump himself had closed airways from Europe for 30 days). What are these soldiers for?

The official version is the training “Defender Europe 2020“; but why should training be so important for soldiers to be at risk of infection? And what danger of attack would Europe be exposed to if this operation is translated as “Defense Europe 2020“?

Why does Germany point its finger at Italy so much when they say that they did not control them as they should, since the first infection in Europe came from Bavaria?

Why do they make us pretend to be the anointed of the world, and the ECB President Christine Lagarde makes outrageous and criminal statements when Italy is in complete danger (more on this subject)?

Why do France and Germany prohibit the export of protective masks to Italy when the country asked for help?

Geopolitical actors and their roles

We tried to analyze the points of view of other experts: from the well-known philosopher and author Diego Fusaro, to journalist and geographer Manlio Dinucci, former Executive Director for Prevention of Nuclear War in Italy (the association that received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985), to the journalist geopolitics of Cesare Sacchetti and spokesmen for “Il Vaso di Pandora“.

To sum up their point of view, it can be said that the virus seems to have extraordinary intelligence: it hit China (see link) at the best moment of their economy, when it tried to be the first world power and veiled, proposing yuan (Chinese national currency) as the global reference currency instead of the US dollar.

In addition, China, the largest exporter in the world, is buying a large proportion of its oil from Iran (currently one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus). America doesn’t like it at all; she herself wanted to declare war on Iran under the pretext of nuclear agreements (more on this subject). This case then led to the death of Soleimani (more on this link) and Iran‘s reaction (more on this link).

Israel, who openly sided with America (more on this subject).

In the meantime, Italy has signed a trade agreement with China, known as the “Silk Road“. This agreement consists in giving Italy a privileged position in trade relations with China and over time burns both Germany and France, which first criticize Italy for this agreement and then run after it so as not to lose too much competition.

To prevent this agreement from making Italy a stronger nation supported by China, the French secret services enter the stage and agree, along with German and Israel, a strategy to bring the Chinese and Italian economies on their knees in one blow.

France has a power plant, built in 1934 exactly in the city of Wuhan (“view all” at link), where research on viruses and bacteria is carried out.

Germany finds a suicide bomber who, as a researcher, goes to the power plant and releases the virus, infecting himself, then greets everyone at the power plant and in the city where the virus is spreading, and then returns to Germany aware of what he just did. He is “patient 0” and is sent to Italy, exactly to Codogno, where he begins the epidemic and returns to Germany.

The Israelis (as American allies saw), probably endowed with the best intelligence in the world, most likely already have a ready vaccine, they will get avalanches of money from it and have already used it to protect American soldiers who came to Europe (although it is not yet known who they are supposed to defend us from and why so this training is important).

So France and Germany blame the Chinese, the Americans hit China, and the Israelis get richer. Italy first loses its economic engine because the North is blocked (intelligent this virus, right?), Then they keep everything for the happiness of the Franco-German axis and give Europe, via Fmi (International Monetary Fund) and Mes (European stabilization mechanism), the possibility of realizing this the same purpose as Greece, and here we return to the Lagarde declarations, which confirm that the EU is nothing but a European dictatorship (more on this subject).

Russia is watching because American soldiers brought to Europe may start a war with Russia, which America is looking so badly for.

At present, China, perhaps because of a trade agreement, remains the only country that helps us. We are too small to know what is really behind this whole story, but, to the point, we are doubtful

Autore: Francesco Puppato

Vive in Polonia dove si occupa di Controllo di Gestione per gli stabilimenti polacchi di una holding italiana; parla quattro lingue (italiano, inglese, polacco e francese) ed ha precedentemente lavorato nel dipartimento finanziario della Holding Orange1. Laureato in "Economia Aziendale" con indirizzo in "Management ed Organizzazione", ha poi conseguito i Master in "Gestione delle Risorse Umane ed Organizzazione del Lavoro", "Controllo di Gestione" e "Diritto Bancario". È "Coach certificato" e vanta corsi in "Business Plan", "Project Management secondo gli standard internazionali" e "Tempi e Metodi". Inoltre, ha il "patentino Bloomberg", l'"Europass Mobilità" e l'"ECDL". Dal 2015 al 2020 ha curato la rubrica "About economy and Social Equity"  per la rivista "Economia - ecaroundworld", dal 2017 al 2019 ha collaborato con "Wall Street Italia", nel 2019 con "" mentre dal 2020 collabora con "Wall Street Cina", "Gazzetta Italia" e "Polonia Oggi", dal 2021 con "RisorseUmane-HR". Founder di "General Magazine".

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